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    Premiere Elements 12 does not recognize blank Blu-ray disc.

    freethedata Level 1

      I just upgraded from Premiere Elements 8 to PRE12.  Now when I insert a blank Blu-ray disc in the BR burner, I get a message "Media Not Present".  It does recognize the burner, but not the blank disc.  Yet when I open PRE 8, PRE 8 does recognize this very same disc in the same burner!  Also, PRE 12 can burn a blank DVD in this same burner.  The Blu-ray disc also appears as a completely blank in Windows File Explorer.  And this is a problem even after updating to release 12.1.  The Adobe chat representative tells me this is a know issue with PRE12.    I find that difficult to accept, since why would Adobe change in PRE 12 something that was not broken? What's the truth, and when and how can it be fixed?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Unfortunately the Premiere Elements 12 media not present and/or burner not recognized issues are known issues. There have been many recent threads on the subject some with resolution via going to an external Blu-ray DVD burner.


          Although it has typically not been found to be the answer, have you tried other brand/type Blu-ray disc?


          Here are some examples of the known issue




          At this point, consider trying another brand/type disc and determining if you can borrow an USB Blu-ray external burner to see if that will work for you. We could talk about alternative workflow such as Phantom burner in conjunction with Premiere Elements to get a Blu-ray disc image to take to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc with 3rd party software such as ImgBurn, but review and consider the above first.





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            freethedata Level 1

            I still see some Premier Elements 11 in boxes in some stores.  Is this a know issue with PRE11?  As I said, I am able to burn perfectly fine with this very same disc and burner in PRE 8, so it seems that my most likely solution is to change the program rather than anything else.

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              Thanks for the reply.


              This burner recognition and media not present can happen in versions other than Premiere Elements 12.


              If you do not want to or cannot find a source from whom to borrow an external burner for troubleshooting purposes, then the following might be considerations....


              a. download and install the free tryout of Premiere Elements 11 from the following web site. Just read the instructions "Note: Very Important Instructions" carefully so that you do not end up with an Access Denied message. Then determine if the burner issues exist in that tryout. If not, you could leave the tryout installed, purchase Premiere Elements 11 wherever it is still in stock, and insert your purchased serial number in the tryout. Other variations on this.

              http://prodesigntools.com/photoshop-elements-11-direct-download-links-pse-premiere-pre.htm l


              b. deactivate Premiere Elements 11 from within an opened project (Help Menu/Deactivate)

              uninstall the program via the usual Control Panel route

              do a ccleaner run through (regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts)


              reinstall the program with antivirus and firewalls disabled.


              c. Whatever the case, besides working from a User Account with Administrative Privileges, be sure to have right clicked the desktop icon for the program and select Run As Administrator.


              We will be watching for your results.





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                freethedata Level 1

                I downloaded the trial PRE11, but when I tried to unzip and open it with 7-zip, I got the error message "Cannot open file as archive". I will try to exchange my PRE12 for PRE11, and let you know what happens. So I actually talked to Adobe customer service in India.  After taking control of my computer, they acknowledged that there is nothing wrong with my disk, burner, or other hardware, but that there is a bug in the program that their engineers are working to fix in an update.  They collected my information for use in their troubleshooting.  From experience with other programs, they will probably decide that they always meant for it to work this way. Please expand on your alternative workflow suggestion using a Phantom burner and ImgBurn.

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                  Sorry that download did not work for you. Typically that can be set up so that it goes into automatic extracting of the files after the download. Did you download both File 1 and File 2 and run the smaller file first?


                  Please check out my blog post on the Phantom Burner used in conjunction with Premiere Elements for the gain of the Blu-ray disc image. What computer operating system are you working on? The Phantom Burner has its problems with Windows 8 or 8.1 64 bit as you will read in the blog post.



                  After you review the details in the post, we can go over specific points in it that need clarification.


                  We will be watching for your progress.


                  Thank you.



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                    freethedata Level 1

                    Your blog from six months ago concludes with the comment:  "To date, the Phantom Burner Premiere Elements 12 setup on Windows 8 or 8.1 64 bit cannot be used for AVCHD or Blu-ray disc image since Premiere Elements 12 burn dialog's Status = Media Not Present."  Unless your have updated results, Phantom Burner will not work for me, since I am using Windows 8 64 bit.


                    I have questions though about how Phantom Burner can be used with compatible versions of Windows.  You seem to be burning m2t files to the Phantom Burner; can it burn .MOV or .MP4 files created by the camera as well, or will it crash?  And what about disc menus?  I find that .m2t files do not support disc menus; if you create disc menus in your project, will the disc menus be supported by virtual discs in a Phantom Burner?


                    Now I will try de-authorize, uninstall, clean register and reinstall.  But unlike in PRE8, I find no deauthorize option in the Help menu in PRE12.  So can I safely uninstall and reinstall withour deauthorizing first?  What will be the consequences?


                    If this does not work, then I understand my only other options to burn Blu-rays with PRE12 is to try BR-RE (rather than -R) discs and/or an external burner.  Right? 

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                      Your Timeline can be whatever is a supported format for Premiere Elements, just as if you were using a "real" Blu-ray DVD drive. But, here you are using a virtual Blu-ray drive (Phantom Burner) and virtual BD-RE disc. Premiere Elements recognizes the Phantom Burner in the Burner Location of the burn dialog. And, it recognizes the virtual BD-RE in the Status field "Ready".


                      So, no problem using your .mov or .mp4 files as source media as long as Premiere Elements supports the format even without the Phantom Burner as part of the equation. No problem with disc menus. Create them before the burn dialog just as you would if Phantom Burner were not part of all this.


                      I will give you a step by step with graphics if necessary if you decide to try the Phantom burner Premiere Elements "pseudo burn to folder".


                      It is not out of the realm of possibilities that your burn to Blu-ray situation might be corrected by Premiere Elements 12 deactivation, uninstall, ccleaner run through, reinstall with antivirus and firewalls turned Off, embellished by right clicking the Premiere Elements 12 desktop icon and selecting Run As Administrator even as you run the program under a User Account with Administrative.Priviledges.


                      If we are not that fortunate, then possibilities with Premiere Elements 12 burn to Blu-ray include

                      a. get yourself an Blu-ray external burner that you can return if it does not work for you


                      b. look at other brand/type Blu-ray discs (the BD-RE is preferred to the BD-R since you can reuse the disc after the program has erased the prior content). If you are using Verbatim already, then just go the BD-R to BD-RE route. Look for the best prices online. I do not think the BD-R to BD-RE is the answer. But worth a try.


                      We will be watching for your progress.


                      Note: I just did a run through of Phantom Burner Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit, and everything worked as described, including the production of the Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc using the disc image and ImgBurn.


                      Thanks for the follow up and the opportunity to clarify some of the details.



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                        freethedata Level 1

                        I have an external DVD burner (for my laptop).  When I tried to burn an AVCHD file to a blank DVD disc in this external burner, PRE12 did recognize the disc, whereas it did not recognize the blank DVD in the internal Blu-ray burner.  So that suggests that using an external BR burner may indeed be the answer.


                        If that does not work, then you are suggesting that the Phantom Burner may indeed work on 64 bit Windows 8 now, although you had problems with that combination a few months ago?


                        If both of the above approaches work, then am I likely to have less crashes burning to the Phantom burner rather than to an actual Disc?

                        If neither of the above work, then I am thinking of abandoning Blu-ray discs until Adobe announces an update, and burning AVCHD files to a DVD.  I tried that, burning to a folder, then using ImgBurn to burn the files to a DVD, and it mostly worked.  The problem is that my movie files are to long to fit on a DVD, and have to be seriously compressed.  If I burn to a double length folder, can ImgBurn burn the files to a double layer DVD?  If I burn the files directly to my external DVD burner from PRE12, can PRE12 burn to a dual layer DVD?


                        If I decide to go the uninstall/reinstall route before trying any of the above approaches, do I have to deauthorize the software on PRE12?  I do not find any deauthorize option under the help menu on PRE12 like I find on PRE8.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          In Premiere Elements 12, the deactivation comes from going to an opened project and selecting Help Menu/Sign Out. That is the 12 counterpart of the Help Menu/Deactivate that is seen in Premiere Elements versions earlier than 12.


                          Both ImgBurn and Premiere Elements burn to (DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc and AVCHD on DVD disc) should be able to handle DVD double layer single sided disc (8.5 GB/240 minutes). But, remember that in reality, that 8.5 GB is 7.95 GB).


                          To this date, I get "Media Not Present" when I attempted to use Phantom Burner (v 2.0) in conjunction with Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 8.1 64 bit. I have seen no updates for Phantom Burner beyond v 2.0. And, I continue to work with the tryout not the purchased version. This all works (with the overcomed glitches described in the blog post) for versions of Premiere Elements 12 and earlier versions when this is done on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit.


                          We will watch for your progress.





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                            freethedata Level 1

                            First, I tried uninstalling, register cleaning and reinstalling Premiere Elements.  This was a mess.  I kept getting error messages when trying to reinstall.  So I had to do a system restore to just before I uninstalled PRE.  After that restore, PRE would not open.  So I did another uninstall from Control Panel and reinstall, without touching the registry.  Then, I was back in operation, several frustrating hours later. But still the BR drive would not recognize Blu-ray discs.


                            So then I loaded a BR-RE disc, instead of a BR-R, and still no recognition.


                            Then I installed the external Blu-ray burner, and finally PRE12 recognized the blank Blu-ray disc.  I had a sign that this would work when I attached an external DVD drive to burn a AVCHD file, and PRE12 recognized the blank media, whereas it did not recognize any blank DVDs in the internal BR drive for burning AVCHD files.  As a alternative to borrowing an external BR drive to see if this fixes the Media not Present message, I suggest using a much more readily available external DVD drive and try to burn a AVCHD file first.  If that works, then one can be much more confident that purchasing an external Blu-ray drive will provide the solution.


                            Yet I deeply resent having to purchase a $125 piece of hardware, which is otherwise useless to me, to fix a bug in a program.  The box promises the ability to export a Blu-ray disc.  Since their lawyers use the weasel word "compatible" Blu-ray burner required, I fully expect them to take the position that now only an external burner is "compatible", and do nothing to fix the compatibility with internal burners.  Potential buyers be forewarned!


                            As an alternative to paying more money to make their software work as indicted on the box, one might want to settle for only being able to write AVCHD files to a DVD.  Most every computer (except Ultrabooks) has an internal DVD burner, which supposedly all that would be needed to burn this kind of HD file.  But first, we all need to know, will PRE12 return a Media not Present message when burning a AVCHD file to an internal DVD burner?  What are the field reports of any problems incurred doing this procedure?  Please advise.


                            And one more question.  When I burn an AVCHD file to a DVD, the DVD is not finalizied by PRE12.  After burning the AVCHD file, the DVD shows free space available, but after burning a DVD Video, there is no free space available.  Moreover, ImgBurn does finalize DVDs after burning AVCHD files to them.  So Is this failure by PRE12 to finalize another bug?  Can ImgBurn now finalize an unfinalizied AVCHD disc left by PRE12 -- without having to run another session of PRE to burn to a folder now, of course?  If so, how?

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                              Thanks for reporting on your troubleshooting of your Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray issues. Sorry that the news was not better and less problematic.


                              I am not sure why the deactivation, uninstall, ccleaner, reinstall did not fare better. The ccleaner part usually provides for a better results since it removes leftovers from incomplete uninstall and/or reinstalls.


                              I am not sure if you can equate free space left on a disc with finalization of a session. But I see what you mean when you explore the disc from DVD-VIDEO or AVCHD each on DVD disc from Premiere Elements burn to. For DVD-VIDEO, one sees Used Space, Free Space 0 and capacity which is equal to the Used Space. For AVCHD, one see Used Space, Free Space = difference between Used Space and Capacity, and Capacity = 4.38 GB. On the other hand, when the Premiere Elements AVCHD burn to folder BDMV Folder is processed through ImgBurn, we see Used Space, Free Space 0, and capacity which is equal to the Used Space.


                              You asked

                              Can ImgBurn now finalize an unfinalizied AVCHD disc left by PRE12 -- without having to run another session of PRE to burn to a folder

                              I have not gotten that to be doable. Not sure if there is an obvious way that I have not found, but right now

                              1. ImgBurn and its two step copy process


                              2. Then when you are generating the copy, see if the copy will automatically come out "with no free space on the disc" or whether you might have to go through some sort of process involving the Tools Menu/Drive/Close.


                              In the case of AVCHD on DVD disc, I am not sure that you have made a clear distinction between finalizing as in closing a session versus free space found on the disc. Need to think about that some more.


                              I suspect that finalization (in terms of player compatibility) is more a matter of how the Lead Out is written to disc rather than the free space on the disc. But I have not done a study on that.


                              More later.



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                                freethedata Level 1

                                Windows DVD burner only offers an option to close a recording session, but not to finalize a disc.  According to Windows, you need to close the session in order for the disc to be read in other devices.  After you close one recording session, there is still free space on the disc to add another session, which again has to be closed for both sessions to be read on another device.  Yet every Blu-ray player instruction manual I have seen says a disc has to "finalized" in order to play on their unit.  Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc.  all use the term "finalized"  rather than "closed".  Again according to Windows, some burning programs finalize the disc; a disc is finalized when no additional files can be added to a disc.  If no additional files can be added to the disc, the free space must be "0"; conversely "0" free space must indicate a finalized disc.  On the other hand, if the free space > 0, that would indicate the disc is not finalized, just closed, and according to the Blu-ray manufactures, such an unfinalized disc is not playable on their units.  Yet it does not always seem to work that way in practice.  Despite the terminology in the instruction, I find some players will play an unfinalizied but closed disc just fine, and others won't.  Probably the writers of the manual do not understand the difference.


                                What about my question regarding PRE12 compatability between AVCHD burning and an internal DVD burner.  I am of an inclination to exchange my new external Blu-ray burner for an internal DVD burner, which would be $100 cheaper, then replace my internal Blu-ray with the internal DVD, and stick to burning AVCHD files on the DVD.  But I don;t want to bother if the internal DVD will return a "Media not Present" message when burning AVCHD files like an internal Blu-ray does.  Any experience or complaints about this combination?

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                                  Thanks for the reply. Glad the forum is open again after what was described as major updating of the site by Adobe.


                                  There is no guarantee that a new DVD burner or Blu-ray DVD burner will resolve the problems. A few years back my first time Blu-ray DVD burner purchase was an internal LG BH-12. I installed it myself. I had no Premiere Elements compatibility problems it and Premiere Elements 4 and on then or now. Yet I see recent reports from users with other later LG burners which are interacting with Premiere Elements to give the burner not recognized and/or media not present syndrome.


                                  My general impression is

                                  a. If you have just a DVD burner, then try the DVD drivers refreshing before moving forward on a new internal DVD burner.

                                  CD, DVD drive not recognized after Adobe application install | Windows

                                  b. If you have a Blu-ray DVD burner, stay with the external burner unless you are willing to face the possible problems that might come with a replacement internal Blu-ray DVD burner.


                                  Please review and then let us know the outcome.





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                                    With this major updated Adobe Premiere Elements Forum, I thought that I would never find this thread again. But, I just did.


                                    I have done some testing into the concept of "finalized" disc when it comes to Premiere Elements burn to and will post my findings within the next day or two.


                                    The results are interesting and present all the conflicts that you suggested in your post 12 of your thread.


                                    I do not know if I have advanced the cause for of Yes or No, but at least I have worked out the details for taking an "unfinalized" disc and having ImgBurn yield a "finalized" version of it. But, still the definition in use for "finalized" and "unfinalize" and what a player requires for disc playback and the significance of free space on a burned to disc leave much to be desired.


                                    More soon.





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                                      freethedata Level 1

                                      Since the Forum went down for an update, I installed an internal DVD burner to test its compatibility with AVCHD files.  It is not compatible; I still get the same "Media not present message".  So I have prepared the following chart showing the compatibility for disc burning in PRE12 between different types of files and different types of burners:

                                      Adobe 12 compitibility.PNG

                                      I hope the Adobe software developers are looking at code that would prevent the burning any type of HD file in any type of internal burner, but will allow burning of any type of compatible file in an external burner.


                                      Yes, it is confusing the difference between closing and finalizing.  Here are a couple of other factoids on the subject.  According to the DVD Alliance (as opposed to the DVD Forum -- you can tell the difference because they have different logos on the boxes),  a DVD+RW (as distinct from DVD-RW) does not need to be finalized, and indeed cannot be finalized on my Panasonic DVD recorder.   After closing, the DVD+RW shows free space on the disk; it plays.  Unlike Premiere Elements but like Windows, Roxio DVD Creator appears to just close but not finalize its burns.  According to the DVD manufacturers, they should not play on their devices, but they usually do

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                                        Thanks for the additional information.


                                        Are the Internal DVD and Internal BR from the same manufacturer?


                                        More later.