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    Couldnt Import .MP3 into Flash CC


      I am exporting a .MP3 from Adobe Audition CC


      Then Importing it into Flash CC


      I receive the error message Couldnt Import .MP3


      This procedure has worked in the past but now does not work. If you know what may be the issue please let me know



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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Have you simply tried re-creating the mp3 and reimporting it? Does the MP3 play on any of your media players? Do you have QuickTime installed?

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            danman90 Level 1

            Hey Sinious,


            I have the latest QuickTime installed and the mp3 does play on it. I re-created the mp3 in Audition and reimported it and it still says "couldnt import .mp3"


            What else could this be?

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              There was an older issue with Flash CS6 where any MP3 with a bitrate over 192kbit could not be imported unless both QuickTime and iTunes were installed to the latest version (on Windows). Do you also have iTunes installed and updated?


              I don't think anyone got to the bottom of why iTunes was needed but many people couldn't import MP3 with the same error until they did. You might want to try that.


              The only MP3 workaround was to import directly to library instead of stage and play it in a timeline layer, but some could only hear it during published playback (no preview).


              Of course an alternate workaround is to simply use a different format. There's still something going on with MP3, which is a bit surprising considering how common it is. I would recommend trying WAV or AIFF as a workaround for now if iTunes/QuickTime updating doesn't fix it.

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