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    Credit Card error.... Again


      This happened last year around July.. Took forever to get fixed and a lost week of using CC on major project.


      Now started again. Navigated to input updated Credit Card info.. Tells me error with address even though I KNOW it is right. Try several times and fail with other Credit/Debit cards.


      3 times I use support chat and 3 times they send me secure link for new credit card..


      3 times fails. Now I am down to 18 days left before I am locked out.


      Support tells me it is problem with my Credit Card.. Which it is not. I treid 3 different credit/debit from 2 different companies all same result. And ONLY with Adobe. Now I have spent hours trying to resolve this. Hours I was supposed to be doing billable work.


      Now I was told to call the toll free number which of course is during, you guessed, BILLABLE HOURS only... So more lost money just to try to pay Adobe.


      Well frustrated is the kindest work I can think of.


      Thank you maybe someone has had better results.


      And yes, i tried 3 different browsers, yes I cleared all cache and browsing history and cookies.

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          Arnaud Mélon Adobe Employee

          Hi Lrsafari33,


          Let me come back to you by email regarding this issue.





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            True Ink

            Im with you Lrsafari33


            This happened when i first signed up.  and now that I'm trying to change the card its happening again.  Still going on as we speak.  24 hours will now turn into 48-72 hours.  Something so simple as to chaining your own credit card.   its really a shame that Adobe.. of all companies can't sort this out.  And to make matters worse the more i search the more i see this has been an on-going issue for a loooooong time now.  I MEAN.. these guys build the programs that programers use to create and solve these kind of issues.  whats the problem?


            I'm pretty frustrated myself.