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    proxy xdcam disc hd422

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      Dear Sirs,

      we work with italian television with xdcam pdw f800 from sony. For eng matter and in order to speed up editing operations,  we would like to edit proxy files from disk and finalize with hd hi res files at the end of editing.


      We tried, but the result is Premiere pro cc is not able to work with low res proxy from xdcam pdw f800.


      So we opened a ticket

      Case #0185185915


      and the result is that support said us, there is a bug on cc, but they don't know when will be solved.



      ".. He said today the office of competence in the following specific product and I 'was told that the problems and' caused by a bug.

      They inserted the same in their report to be able to solve with updates, but I can not give a time for the release of the same. "


      [Translated to English.]


      Any of you have some workaround?


      Please Adobe can you solve the BUG?





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