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    Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_Trap crash options

    freethedata Level 1

      Often, but not always, when burning a disc - either DVD or Blu-ray, the system crashes with this error when Premier Elements goes to burn the disc.  It completes encoding and compiling the files, but crashes when it tries to burn files to the disc. Sometimes it does not crash when Norton is in the silent mode, and sometimes it does.  I have developed two workarounds, but neither are completely satisfactory.  Some other suggestions would be welcome. For DVD's I burn to a folder, then use the Windows 8 DVD burning tool to burn the files from the folder to the disc.  The problem is that Windows will close the disc, but not finalize it.  Without a finalized disc, a DVD cannot be read in most players.  How do I finalize the disc after the files are burnt to it? For Blu-rays, I create a digital intermediate file, in H264 HD codec, 1080x1920, in a M2t wrapper, then open a new project and import this file.  This file so far has burned without crashing.  The problem is that the intermediate file loses the Disc Menus, so I have to recreate them in the new project.  This is a tedious task, because I am working with one continuous file without scene markers.  So is there another way? And can anyone tell me why can I burn the intermediate without a crash, but it crashes when the project uses the original files?