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    How do I install Flashplayer updates without McAfee

    rob_ashcroft Level 1

      I want to install Flashplay updates (for which I'm prompted) without installing McAfee virus checker. This very long dialogue thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1056732?start=0&tstart=0 claims (from staff) that you can uncheck a box so it is not installed. I did NOT get a checkbox. I clicked to run installation and a dialogue box came up indicating that both Flash and McAfee had started to install. When it finished both were installed.


      Is it possible to install Flash without McAfee? If not can someone tell me that I need to uninstall it after installation. I may be wrong, but you boys may be running into problems here. I've had problems before with two different virus checkers installed. If someone had a security violation and it was found that a conflict had caused the problem, and that the McAfee had been forcibly installed you might run into trouble.


      You are installing software on my private machine without my authority.


      I'm just saying.