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    Sound beep behavior

      I tried to use the sound beep behaviour with the buttons but it doesn’t work. What should I write:
      on mouseUp me
      Channel 2
      End mouse up
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          on mouseup me
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            balboas Level 1
            Well, I did it, but it doesn’t work. I hear no sound! Has Director a specific sound or should I use my own sound? If so, shall I put the sound in one of the two channels or shall I use it as a normal sprite?
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              If you're using MS Windows, the sound will be the system's "default beep". Go to control panel -> sounds & audio devices to see what your system sounds are in Windows. Not sure on a Mac.
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                James Newton, ACP Level 3
                You can create your own "beep" sound:

                1) Attach a microphone to your computer, if it does not have one built in, and checking that it is working
                2) In Director, select the menu item Insert | Media Element | Sound
                3) Use the recording controls to record your sound
                4) Click on Save
                5) Name the newly created sound member "My Beep" (or something more imaginative)
                6) Use the following behavior:

                on mouseUp
                puppetSound 1, member "My Beep"

                There are also a series of Sound commands that you can use. Look them up in the on-line help. You can also import sounds in most standard formats into your Director cast lib, and use the various sound commands to play them back.