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    Property Bar text=Chicken scratch... font to small to see.

      Sorry if this topic was discussed before. Newbie to forum.

      I have a laptop with a docking station. Docking station attaches to an additional monitor. When I'm docked, everything is fine. When I'm just using my laptop, the text for the elements and data (i.e. properties labels- bitmap, W, H, X, Y / data -560x400) of property bar and other bars (i.e. Layers, Assets, etc) is so small and distorted, I cannot read it.

      I had a similar problem with Dreamweaver which was solved by changing 'Make DW use large fonts' on the Accessibility preference tab. However, I'm not seeing a similar setting for FW.

      I'm capable of updating any of the configuration files if someone can tell me what is needed.

      Please help if you can. Thanks in advance!