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    Strange Bug Cineware with Plane and Nested Plane


      Hi There,


      I've got a scene in Cinema4d with a plane and underneath that plane also a plane. Both of them have an external compositing tag.




      The first plane is keyframed, the second one is getting his behaviour off the first.


      When I import this scene using Cineware into after effects, the first plane displayed correctly with his movement, but with the second plane is something wrong. There is a slight movement in the rotation, and therefore unusable.


      This is just an test setupo, because im having the same difficulties with my main animation. The nested plane is alway off sync with my animation. And I've discovered that it is going wrong with this workaround.


      Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong, is it not possible to add an external compositing tag to a plane which is a child? Of is there an option I've forgotten? I also baked the animation, but this also didn't work.


      EDIT: When im export the same project to an older AEC file and import this into After Effects CS6 everything is alright! Is it a bug in Cineware?