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    installing an older version of fp


      Hello everyone. I have a PC with IE 8 and Windows XP. I always used an older version of fp suitable for my old PC. In the last days, Flash Player kept auto-upgrading itself (without me doing anything!) to latest version (13). So I kept uninstalling and installing again the older version, but at the first connection to the Internet, it will always do the auto-upgrade.


      So I searched an option in the settings manager to disable auto-upgrading but I didn't found it.

      Today I wanted to try a CLEAN downgrade and followed the guide to uninstall Flash.

      Then, when I launched the installer of the older version (I tried two different versions, 10.2 and 10.3) it opens a window where it is written something like (I translate):


      "The version of Adobe Flash Player you are trying to install is not the most updated. Visit the Download Center to get the latest version."


      And there is only the "exit" button.

      How can I install an older version of fp? Please help me I need to solve this problem.

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          Mike M Level 6

          Flash Player 10 is

          • obsolete (It'll cause you problems on MOST ALL Flash/video sites),
          • unsafe (There are numerous security "holes" that have been patched since 10. Using it leaves your PC vulnerable to malicious attacks), and
          • unsupported (Flash Player 11.7 is the minimum version supported, and that will change to 13 as of May 13, 2014)


          FWIW, I have Windows XP (SP3) on one of my test machines, with Flash Player 13, and it works just fine in IE8, Firefox 28, Opera 21, Safari 5, and Chrome 32.



          Considering that Microsoft will never again release any security fixes for XP, you really don't want to be using software that has additional security flaws in it. Most Antivirus companies have announced that they will end updates for XP by the end of the year, so you're getting more vulnerable with each passing day.

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            anscrena Level 1

            Yes Mike, I thank you and I understand this. But, as I said, I have a very old PC. I have no doubt that with your test machine Flash 13 works fine. But with my old hardware, Flash 13 does NOT work fine.

            Audio is ok but video is slow and goes on brokenly, with continuous interruptions, so it is impossible for me to watch videos with Flash 13 now. Disabling or enabling hardware acceleration makes no difference.

            I have tried Flash 12 as you suggested me but the problem is just the same and so it is for Flash 11.

            The latest version which seem to work for my PC is Flash 10.


            So now I am asking, is there any way to disable silent auto upgrading for fp? Or not?

            I find somehow kafkaesque that a software does what it wants and the user can't decide how to manage it and its functions, however high the risks may be.


            If I decide to completely destroy my machine by  using a risky Flash 10, am I free to do this or software will automatically decide that I am not?


            This said, I would use Flash 10 only to watch my favourite show in streaming. I tried to modify the mms.cfg (AutoUpdateDisable = 1 and SilentAutoUpdateEnable = 0) and also some keys in the registry but FP keeps autoupgrading in the background. Is there ANY way I can disable this feature?


            If not, I think I will have to just uninstall Flash 13 and install Flash 10 everytime I want to watch my show and then do this every half hour until the show is finished.

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              Mike M Level 6

              In the global settings manager (Control Panel) you can disable it on your PC.


              That.... is only half the battle, though. EVERY website with Flash content, at least the ones that are worth their salt, will have code in their pages (expressInstall.swf and swfobject_modified.js) which detect your version and will either prompt you to upgrade, deny you the content, or automatically take you to the download page to upgrade, thus denying you the content you wished to see. Sites do this to protect themselves from the consequences of allowing unsafe plug-ins to access their content, in the event they get hacked, and they end up liable for a class action.


              Also, and I mention this because now that XP is no longer receiving security patches, it's important... unscrupulous and malicious sites, which will download malware, will also use these same detection scripts to take you to a fake download site, or blindly download their malware, with nothing in XP anymore to stop it. These villains are aware that XP is now obsolete from a security standpoint and they will proliferate as a result.


              There's NOTHING you can do "locally" to prevent this other than disabling Javascript in your browser altogether, whichb will lesad to even more problems with content not loading or whole pages not loading.