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    Arabic with English to RTF


      i got indesign documents from client which is arabic and contains english words and parenthesis when i try to export it to rtf the parenthesis and the english words are not in proper order as such in indesign but the arabic is exported correctly " have attached the screenshot in indesign and rtf any suggestions would be helpful


      InDD document

      InDD document.JPG

      Word document

      Word document.JPG

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          InDesign allows three different character-level orientations: "Right-to-Left" "Left-to-Right" and "Default." The last of these more-or-less means "figure out the proper orientation from the context, including the marked language and the type of glyph." However, the last of these can be a problem, especially when someone who does not care about proper markup will happily key things incorrectly if it looks right onscreen. This is especially the case with numerals and parenthetical LTR text in RTL paragraphs.


          So make sure you mark your parenthetical Latin-script stuff as English, and if necessary make character styles to apply to parentheses, and in some cases to the spaces, so that any "Default" settings render correctly in both apps. Some experimentation will be necessary in order to get it to round-trip Close To Perfectly. (It'll never be perfect, I think.)