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    InDesign crashes during export of images




      I am writing an ActionScript Extension for InDesign (SDK: Extension Builder 3.4), that exports each pageItem on a page as an image. After the export a hash value is calculated for each image and the bunch of images are beeing uploaded.

      But in most of cases InDesign crashes during the image export without an error of the script.


      Here is the bug report: http://pastebin.com/MHFhYrJH


      For the export I am using these two methods

      • pageItem.exportFile(ExportFormat.PNG_FORMAT, file);
      • pageItem.exportFile(ExportFormat.jpg, file);


      The calculation of the hash is done after each image export with the method

      • com.adobe.crypto.MD5.hashBinary(file.byteArray);


      One important thing to mention is that I am running the extension with the "Attach As" command in Flas Builder 4.6. If I build the extension with the "Run As" command or export the extension for the Adobe Extension Manager with the "Export..." dialog the extension is much more stable but InDesign still crashes randomly.


      Do you have any idea how to solve these sudden crashes.

      The problem occurs in InDesign CS6 as well as in InDesign CC.


      Thank you for every hint!