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    InDesign Server CC Mac problem licensing

    fivan Level 1

      Hi all.


      I'm trying to activate InDesign Server CC but I am having a lot of problems.


      - MacOSX 1.8.5 Server.

      - Adobeindesignserver 9.2 Debug 1_23

      First of all, the package contains just a folder, not an installer.

      So I suppose all I have to do is copy the content in the Applications folder.


      In the folder I found tree different executable files:





      I tried to activate InDesign with all the methods listed here:

      http://helpx.adobe.com/it/indesign/release-note/indesign-server-cc-release-notes.html#Requ isiti%20minimi%20di%20sistema


      adobe_prtk --tool=StartTrial --leid=InDesignServer-CS7-Mac-GM

      adobe_prtk --tool=Serialize --leid=InDesignServer-CS7-Mac-GM --serial=<MySerial> --adobeid=<MyID>

      adobe_prtk --tool=Type1Exception --accept --serial=<MySerial>--responsecode=<MyResponseCode> --leid=InDesignServer-CS7-Mac-GM


      All attempts ended with: Return Code = 0 but InDesign still do not start.

      The error is always the same:

      "Adobe InDesign Server is not properly licensed and will now quit"


      On this server is installed also IDServer CS5, can it be a problem?


      I hope someone can halp me.

      thanks Ivan.