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    Sort XmlListCollection

    pgherveou Level 1
      Hi there

      I need some help to sort my XmlListCollection.

      Here is the xml file where I load the data :


      I load my XmlListCollectionwith with those lines :

      <mx:XML source="/data.xml" id="xmlData" />
      [Bindable] private var productList : XMLListCollection = new XMLListCollection();
      productList.source = xmlData..Product;

      I use this xmlcollection to feed comboBoxes. I have as many combo as nested child inside the <product> element
      So I have created IcollectionView for each dataprovider

      [Bindable] private var codPerList : ICollectionView = ICollectionView(productList);
      [Bindable] private var codcurList : ICollectionView = ICollectionView(productList);

      Now I would like to sort and filter those collectionView to delete duplicate elements and sort them in alpabetical order
      But I can't find the way to use the sortField to sort those item

      Thanks for your help