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    Image name placed separate file

    kanaga kumar

      Dear Friends,


      My script doing image name display only, see the screen shot. But I need generate the all image names placed in separate file (like word).


      Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 6.49.45 PM.png

      var cur_doc=app.activeDocument;



      for (no_link=0;no_link<cur_doc.links.length;no_link++)


          var lname=cur_doc.links[no_link].name;

          var frame=cur_doc.links[no_link].parent;

          var frameBound=frame.geometricBounds;

          while (frame.parent.constructor.name=="Group")




          var cur_page=frame.parentPage;

          var tF=cur_page.textFrames.add({geometricBounds:[frameBound[0],frameBound[1],frameBound[0]+24 ,frameBound[1]+150]})




      alert("Process Completed")



      Kindly help in this regard.


      kanaga kumar.k