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    How do I disable Adobe Flash Player


      In light of the recent Outlook Express hacking, I'm trying to find out how to disable my Adobe Flash Player.  I Googled it, but the instructions do not coincide with my system.  I'm pretty sure I have Windows 7.  I'm a novice, so I need help.  Thanks...

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          Mike M Level 6

          Microsoft has said that they will likely be pushing an "out of schedule" security fix to remedy the issue they discovered the other day. It will come next Tuesday most likely, but could be sooner if they deem it necessary.

          You shouldn't need to disable or uninstall anything.

          Just be vigilant with Outlook, and don't open ANYTHING with an attachment unless it's from someone you know, AND you know they sent it to you. IF you get mail from an unknown address, delete it.

          Those are general rules for email with almost any PC, though.