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    Q. Export Error:unknown


      using a Canon Vixia HFr400 MP4 24Mbps chose windows media for viewing on windows pc playback. OS is XP with PRE 12.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What are you doing when you receive this error message?


          Have you ensured you have the latest version of Quicktime, per the program's requirements?


          Also, if you shooting on that Canon in MXP or FXP mode, your video should be an .mts file -- assuming your plugged the camcorder into your computer with a USB cable and used Premiere Elements' Add Media/From Flip or Camera to get the footage from the camera to your computer. mts or m2t files should load without any problem into Premiere Elements 12, if you've got the latest version of Quicktime and your operating system has all of the latest updates (including the non-critical updates that don't install automatically).

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            techops Level 1

            Hi Steve, thank you for your response. The video is 98% complete in publish/share when the message appears.  Quicktime was loaded in the last 30 days. I transfer the clips by removing the sd card and plugging it directly into an HP Elitebook running XP. The clips load easily and play well in PRE12 with added narration and texts overlays, some clips have audio. Any thoughts?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              In Expert view, is there a yellow orange line along the top of the timeline, above your video clips?


              it's always best to use the Add Media/From Flip and Camera tool to get the video from your camcorder rather than just using Windows Explorer to move the files from the SD card.


              That said, what are you saying when you say "using a Canon Vixia HFr400 MP4 24Mbps chose windows media for viewing on windows pc playback. "?


              What steps are you taking to do whatever it is you're trying to do?

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                techops Level 1

                Yes, there is a yellow/orage line along the top of portions of the clips.


                I am taking video's with a Canon Vixia HFr400 camera, the video setting if MP4, 24 Mbps.  After inserting the SD card in the laptop, I use Premiere Elements Add media to get media from the card.  After editing, adding naration, text overlays. It plays well in Premiere Elements timeline.


                After saving it, i choose publish/share and selected the windows media option to play back on PC.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I guess I'm not  understanding what the problem is then.


                  BTW, are you shooting in MXP or FXP mode on your camcorder? I highly recommend you do. The resultant video will load much more effectively into Premiere Elements (especially if you use Add Media/From Flip or Camera to get the video from the camcorder) and you'll get much better performance all around. (You also shouldn't get a yellow orange line above your clips when you add them to your timeline in Expert view if you shoot in MXP or FXP mode.)

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                    techops Level 1

                    After trying again, this time the video saved in Window's media format. The video plays on the pc but I did not get any audio. Any suggestions. Is this related to the yellow/orange lines? If so how do I resolve this? thank you in advance.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Yes. Shoot in MXP or FXP mode and use Add Media/From Flip or Camcera to get the video from the camcorder.

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                        techops Level 1

                        No audio after rendering. The audio was added onboard narration option.

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                          techops Level 1

                          Hi Steve, Thank you for helping.  Now  the video has successfully saved using the Window Media PC playback option. But has no audio.  Any suggestions?

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Premiere Elements 12 on Windows XP 32 bit....


                            Based on what you have written so far, your video appears to be 1920 x 1080 pixels, AVCHD.mp4 (with bitrate 24 Mbps). What is the frame rate, 60i, p30, or p60? And, what are you selecting as your project preset? Apparently SG is pointing you to the NTSC FLIP settings. Which one of the FLIP choices are you picking? I would like to re-evaluate your project settings including the frame rate of 60i, p30, and p60.


                            What is the duration of the Timeline content that you are taking to export? And, please confirm that the file extension of what you are importing into Premiere Elements 12 is .mp4 and not .mts. See your introductory comments.


                            When you use Publish+Share/Computer/Windows Media, what are you selecting as a preset in the Presets field and what customization of the preset do you do under the Advanced button/Video Tab?


                            Since you appear to have concluded your discussion with SG, I would offer the following questions.





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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Are you saying that the only audio in your project is narration audio?


                              Is your narration audio recorded to your timeline? Do you see the waveform on the Narration track?


                              If you open the Audio Meters (under the Tool menu) do they register the audio from the narration?

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                                techops Level 1

                                Good morning, ATR

                                First let me say thank you for helping. Also, is it possible to talk on the phone? I would be happy to supply my cell.

                                Yesterday the video would not publish at all, late in the day it published/saved as a wmv file and would play on Windows media player but had no audio.

                                Back to Export Error: Unknown issue, to answer your questions: 1920X1080 pixels, my canon gives me a choice between AVCHD or MP4, I chose MP4, the bit rate is 24Mbps, and the frame rate is 30p. The duration of the video is 12min 41sec.

                                Yes, the import file extension is .mp4

                                Publish+share/computer/WindowsMedia the preset the default: 720X480 16X9 29.97, audio setting 256kbps, 96kHz, 2 channel 24 bit VBR, file size 163.12 MB, duration 12min41sec

                                Under the Advanced button: Export Video is checked, Export Audio is checked

                                Summary output 720X480 compressed VBR 2 pass audiences 1 avg 1500.00kbps, 256kbps 96kHz, 2 channel 24 bit VBR

                                                Source clip sequence 02, 1920X1080 (1.0) 29.97fps progressive 00:12:41:00 48000 Hz stereo

                                Audience (grayed out) Video (on) Audio (grayed out)

                                Basic video settings codec: Windows Media Video 9

                                () allow interlaced processing (unchecked)

                                Encoding passes () one, (.) two

                                Bitrate mode variable unconstrained

                                Frame width 720 frame height 480

                                Estimated file size 159 MB


                                Other concerns:  Yes, I do have the orange/yellow lines along the top of portions of the timeline.

                                The audio is mostly narration, which is visible on the audio meters as it plays in the timeline.

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                                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                  I'm not sure why you're using Advanced settings for your video output. Nor am I sure why you're using the MP4 output option rather than AVC. AVCHD is much more compatible with Premiere Elements and should be the output you use from your camcorder if you plan to edit the video.


                                  As for output, trying using Publish & Share/computer/AVCHD with the preset for YouTube HD to output a test file. This file will be an MP4 and, if you play it with Quicktime or VLC Player, should have audio, based on what you've told me. (If not, please output AVCHD from your camcorder, start a new project, put the AVCHD file on the timeline and output a test file. You should NOT see a yellow orange line above the AVCHD clips in Expert view and your audio should work fine.)


                                  BTW, if you've recorded narration into your project, make sure you unplug the microphone before you play back your project's audio! Particularly if you are using a USB microphone, they program may not "let go" of the audio that's been set to USB until you remove the mike.


                                  As for phone support, I'm an independent writer and videomaker who offers free advice on this forum. I can't give free tech support on the phone -- but, if you'd prefer to work that way, you can contact Adobe Tech Support by phone and they may be able to help you.

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Thanks for the reply and the details.


                                    I can offer you unlimited Premiere Elements troubleshooting assistance via screenshots and exchange of details within the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum structure, but unfortunately I have not gotten involved in phone person to person assistance. But, please let us give a try to resolving this matter in the thread. I see several of your details that need fine tuning.


                                    Running Premiere Elements 12 on Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit may put you at a disadvantage from the point of view of getting those larger projects taken to a successful conclusion. This is because, under those circumstances, you are working with a 32 bit application in a 32 bit system, with all the resource limitation. However, let us put that aside right now and work on the project settings.


                                    1. Set the project preset manually for




                                    DSLR 1080p30 @ 29.97


                                    To do that open a new project to the Expert workspace, go to File Menu/New/Project and Change Settings. In the Change Settings area, change the project preset to the above. Then before you exit that area, in the new project dialog, make sure that you have a check mark next to Force Selected Project Settings on This Project. Then, when you are back in the Expert workspace, import your video via the program's Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets from where you drag the video to the Timeline.


                                    2. If you need a Windows Media export for some reason...then



                                    Windows Media

                                    and set Presets = NTSC 720 x 480 16:9 29.97

                                    Next, under the Advanced Button/Video Tab of that preset, customize the export settings



                                    With the Video codec = Windows Media Video 9, change the Frame Width and Height. To do that, first click on the chain in the box to the right of those field. That will remove it to allow you to type in Width = 1920 and Height = 1080. If you want you can click on the empty box to bring back the chain after the set. Frame Rate should be 29.97 frames per second. And, Pixel Aspect Ratio should be Square Pizels (1.0). Everything else, leave as is for now. We can always increase the bitrate later if necessary, keeping in mind a compromise between bitrate level, quality, and file size.


                                    Advanced Button/Audio Tab should be OK as is with codec there = Windows Media Audio 10 Professional.


                                    You might also want to look at an AVCHD.mp4 export of your Timeline saved to the computer hard drive. Here I would look at Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p30. If necessary, more details on that can be supplied. If you continue to have problems with the Windows Media export, then please confirm the problems using the AVCHD route.


                                    We will be looking forward to your details and results.





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                                      techops Level 1

                                      Steve Grisetti, A.T. Romano, thank you so much for helping me climb a steep learning curve. The forced presets allowed me to salvage the mp4 clips I had already gathered. Resolving a scratch disk problem allowed rendering then publish/share to windows media worked and provided sound.  Thank you again.

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the follow up with the information on what worked for you. Great news. Great job.


                                        Glad for the opportunity to try to help in the troubleshooting.


                                        Best wishes moving forward with your video editing projects.