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    3D files in After Effects CC


      Isn't that like saying, you didn't meet your own deadline? I'm glad it has worked towards yours and C4$D's advantage.. $$$$

      Anyway, I am a whole hearted Blender Freak. On my 4th year now. You can do almost anything in Blender, and since it's such a steep learning curve, the challenges it brings makes it where you can eventually learn any other program after getting it down. Unfortunately, when collaborating with other animators, editors, etc, they're all stuck in the Maya, C4D (both of which are much more user friendly that Blender) . Adobe pool... So in a sense, I'm stuck in that same pool. The reason I'm here is because I too just spent a $$$load of money. I got a refurbished  Macbook Pro Maverick op system and a bunch of software only to find out that the Mac has a serious common issue with it's airport card. I gor the Adobe stuff as a packaged deal whn buying the Mac. Now I couldn't help but notice that This AE news reminds me of the issue Mac has. The only difference is that Mac won't address the issue or own up to it, llike Adobe is at least doing. . They'd rather you spend more on another Mac since fixing the issue with a specialist will more than likely advise you just purchase oh,,, uh.... duh... let me think,,,, ANOTHER MAC! It'll cost just as much anyway right?

      I don't know what utopian economy a great number of the artists here seem to live in, but the rest of us are struggling our ***** off while pursuing our art. Face it, these shortcomings are like the dangling carrot routine. Look what you can do with our product/ no you can't do that with our product anymore, but here's a great alternative, all you need  to do is shell out a few extra hundred dollars more!  

      So with that said, if you're not rich, or you're just starting out, or barely getting your career off the ground, don't waste a dime on C4D, 3DX, Maya or any of those obscure programs that costs some snotty rich kid's salary, AND DO NOT TRUST THIS NEW CINEMA 4D DEAL WITH AE! JUST DON'T. It's a lead in to get you buy the professional C4D, and if you're not in a position to step into that, then know that you can attain the same quality of effects without them. I strongly believe that most artists should go with a community based support group like Blender, Gimp, Make Human, etc.. and stay plugged in for their upgrades. There are ways of working around some of these, for lack of a better word, crooks. Adobe is awesome, but why are so many people share our frustration with them, right? Blender is even getting way more user friendly than it was just 2 years ago.

      For example, What I do is animate my scenes in layers one at a time in my awesome 3d program that is free, use the same camera for all of them (they're all in layers anyway), render them with alpha channels, take the clips, dump them into AE, jiggle AE's knobs (since the clips are all aligned anyway) jiggle some effect knobs (the cc ones work just fine, you don't necessarily need that particular trapwhatever, just use your creativity and imagination), then flush the scene out into a nice QT format.... Fortunately Final Cut Pro X has improved it's dastardly flaws since it's initial release, and it's affordable. I'm happy to say that I'm actually using it more than FCPro 7 now, which is a major statement. I have Adobe Premier Pro, I was going to try it, but I'm discouraged for now, Maybe next year when the current version is obsolete.