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    Changing the style of a child component...

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm in a bit of a bind - can't seem to get the following right...

      What would the syntax be to change the style of a child added to a canvas? Basically I have an mxml component which contains a canvas. That canvas is populated using the addchild method with another mxml component that contains an HBox and a single label. What happens is I add the HBox mxml component to the canvas multiple times - my goal is to change the style of the label within the added mxml component to something else once it has been added to the canvas from its parent document. I'm not sure what the syntax would be in order to achieve this - I'm thinking along the lines of 'nameOfCanvas.getChildAt(n). ...'.

      Any idea how I would be able to achieve this?

      Thanks for your time,

      - Tony