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    What can I do about a pestiferous plugin?


      It seems that at least once a day, sometimes up to five times, I get a popup[?] that says something about "a flash player plugin"[?] and offers me a button to "stop plugin."  This THING, whatever it is, is screwing up my computer incessantly.  It sticks, jams, pops from one window to another, won't load, and sometimes freezes altogether (with or without a milky overlay), which forces me to shut down and restart.  I'm almost sure it's also responsible for the fact that I can't read e-mail or open or send attachments in IE (only Firefox).  This is not the same thing other people have posted about.  It doesn't say "Adobe Flash Player" or include any warnings or alerts.  It just IS, and every time I go online it eventually manifests.  I want to either get rid of it or fix it, and right now I don't much care which.  I'm running Windows 7.