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    Library scrolls slowly in ADE 3 & 2, Win 8.1; can't reorder columns; can't scroll with touch screen


      I got a Win 8.1 computer in Feb and updated to ADE 3.0. The library scrolls extremely slowly (I have more than 100 books). The more books you add, the slower it scrolls, even in List mode. Because of scrolling complaints on this site, I downgraded to ADE 2.0, but it has the same problem. This simply makes no sense, so I am reporting it as a bug. Next, I will try to downgrade to 1.7.


      In addition, you can't permanently change the order of the columns. I want the Status column next to the title, so that I don't have to have the window open full-screen to see which books are about to expire.


      Finally, none of the versions of ADE support scrolling through the list of books using the touch screen. Did you not know this feature was coming with Win 8?


      I understand that this is a free product and therefore isn't well-supported, but I am required to use it to take books from my library. Perhaps I should be complaining to Overdrive and telling them to back another horse in this race!