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    FB 4.7 publish in flashIDE workers not sending/receiving + FB 4.7 access to embedded files

    Ulimetic Level 1

      Alright, this have been a painful day trying to solve this and I am pulling my hair out.

      So I decided to download the FB4.7 trial for some test with AIR13, and after an indecent amount of hours trying to install the latest player and android sdk (why the hell isn't it like in the IDE?), I have 2 major issues and so far not impressed at all by FB4.7.


      I have developped a project using the Flash IDE. Everything works perfectly BUT the workers. I don't get any error message, and my app doesn't trace the messages I'm supposed to receive from a worker. To be sure I coded that properly, I created a test project in FB4.7, copied pasted my code and my worker is working and I can trace messages sent and received from the worker to my main app. Why don't i see these traces when I fire my app from the IDE ? If i can't test workers in the IDE, this is a major issue. It doesn't even throw any error, just doesn't trace anything.


      Sooooo because It wouldn't work in the IDE, I copied my files to another location, created a project in FB4.7. If I run/debug in FB4.7 the worker works, but now I am unable to access embedded files in the app. In Flash IDE, I embed a folder that contains a bunch of files, and can access the file with 'app:/folder/file', which was very usefull because I have a ton of assets and this is the softest solution not to have a stupid class with 200 [Embed.. ] ******** hardcoded lines.


      So question 1 : how to have worker working in Flash IDE ?

      And question 2, if question 1 is a no go : since I do not want to modify my working code (in the IDE), how can I have the same behavior debugging from FB4.7 when it comes to using 'app:/' ?


      Also, just a notice about this sketchy forums, If I go back to my own post, the view count increment (lol). Let me know if this is coded in CF cause it looks like someone doesn't know about sessions