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    Annie52 Level 1

      Why do I have to INSTALL McAfee ANYTHING - in order to install Acrobat Reader??


      Why can't one OP-OUT of any additional CRAPWARE??  One would think Adobe was hard up for money.  Do you REALLY have to put this garbage on my computer without my permission?? 


      I DON'T THINK SO!!!

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Didn't you a prompt something like this and opt out where you had the choice?



          If not, you may have fallen for one of the many fake scam sites/fake upgrade messages that are out there, and need to look closely at what else might have been installed.


          Yes, it is despicable that Adobe do this, but you CAN opt out.

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            Annie52 Level 1

            No, that is not the screen I got.  I didn't have the choice to opt-out!  Even when I took out McAfee AND Adobe Reader,  I didn't have an option to opt-out when I put in Reader 9.5


            And is was not on an update.  It was to be a clean install direct from the Adobe Web site. 


            When I clicked to DOWNLOAD, the program not only downloaded but AUTO-Installed.  And there was NO WAY to opt-out.


            I watch for these things very carefully. 


            After a re-format of my computer, I've kept track of 29 supposed op-in programs that I opt-outed of.  Half of them were put in anyway!  And that was in trying to download and install - direct from the program web site - of just 5 programs.


            OPT- IN OR OPT-OUT IS NOT A CHOICE!!!  That's why I'm so GRUMPY that a site such as ADOBE would do this.

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              Annie52 Level 1

              Well, I have to take that back...  If one looks real close, one can see where they have already marked the Yes box.  IT STILL SHOULDN'T BE PRE-CHECKED!





              I DIDN'T CATCH THAT ONE!

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                Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                Sneaky! It only appears after you have chosen step 3. It shouldn't do that (though the argument would be they can't offer freebies until they know your system at least) I agree 100% it shouldn't be prechecked.

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  You can always download the offline installer that isn't bundled with any 3rd-party software: http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

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                    Annie52 Level 1

                    Thank you...  I've downloaded and will save for the next time I have to re-install.


                    Do you know why you can no longer have TWO adobe's open at the same time?  IE., Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional???

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      That is not a supported combination.  Only Acrobat X / XI and Reader X / XI can co-exist on the same Windows system.

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                        jimmieo48553820 Level 1

                        I am going to fbi and new station. Cause u have let people sit apps on my apps. And for yrs hurting me.. badly

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                          jimmieo48553820 Level 1

                          I can't wait to show all this to channel 8 news and law enforcement