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    Stroke which I do not see in Appearence panel and cannot eliminate

    Theofil Mulony

      Hello, could you be so kind to consult me a bit. I have created a drawing with the pen tool and when I finished it I realised that I cannot get rid of the black stroke of this drawing. When I set stroke to be transparent - it stays black. If i set stroke to be white - I get one more stroke, but black still remains (see the screenshot - http://postimg.org/image/3v46cqrv1/ ). What is it? There is no this stroke in Appearence panel. It does not seem to be a brush, because "delete brush stroke" button is not active. Help, please - I do not need it. I'm using Illustrator CS4.




      P.S. If you please, may I ask one more question - definitely experts know the answer - how can I convert the path with stroke to the outlined filled region?