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    use runtime bitmap caching?

    NickTheNameless Level 1
      what is the property feature "use runtime bitmap caching" used for? mousing over the checkbox gives an explanation, which i understand, but i don't know why you would use it. i think it may help with a problem i'm having too and wanted to check with you guys to see what you use it for and the consequences, if any, of using it.

      i have movie clips that have images loaded into them from an xml file. so mc1 is on the stage, in frame 1, with an instance name of mc1. in the actions layer of this frame, my script loads an image into the clip via an xml file. all works fine and good. now in frame 2 i want to re-position mc1 into the same position that mc2 is located. whenever i copy the instance from the previous frame, then manually re-position it.... all is still well, the images load fine. however, whenever i just rename the instance name of mc2 to mc1, the image doesn't stay loaded into the clip? why not?