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    Upgrade from CF MX7 to ??




      We currently have a couple sites hosted on a server running CF MX7 Standard and are looking at the options for upgrading since MX7 is long out of support plus it lives on a Windows Server 2003 box and MS will stop supporting that OS sometime in 2015. I've done some searching to see if MX7 will even run on Server 2008 and it seems like the answer to that is a "maybe".


      From the few posts I've read, it sounds like move from MX7 to CF 10 can be a bit of of challenge and the suggestion is going with CF 9. Is that the general concensus? Has anyone successfully (or not) made the jump from MX7 to CF 10 (I see CF 11 is now out though) and have any stories to share?




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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The biggest hurdle for me in going to CF10 was adjusting to Tomcat as the Servlet container instead of JRUN.  If you aren't already on CF9, then you'll have to transition any Verity collections to SOLR anyway, so there is no real difference there between CF 9.0.2 and CF10.  Most of the new CF10 IIS connector issues have been ironed out by the latest updaters (updater 12 for Windows is the latest relevant one).  And, by the way, the updater is one of the best new things in CF10.  No more 32-step processes for installing patches/updates.  It's esentially a one- or two-click process from within CF Administrator.


          If you can do it, I would move to CF10 rather than CF9 as the Adobe core support for CF9 ends at the end of this year.  Also, CF10 will continue to be tested and certified against modern operating systems while CF9 will not. 


          I would hold off on considering CF11 for production until it has been vetted more by the community-at-large and the first few updaters come out for it.


          -Carl V.

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            MarkAtLaurel Level 1



            Thank you for the reply. I was leaning towards going with CF10 instead of CF9, thinking support for CF9 would end in the not-too-distant future. The sites we have running on MX7 are fairly basic and I don't think it would be a big deal for me to rebuild them from scratch if I needed to for CF10.


            Thanks again for the feedback.