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      Hi good morning, I need to help me solve a problem. Using Adobe Forms and these questionnaires need to be loaded into a tablet with Android 4.0.4, and in doing so opened by Adobe Reader can capture data and I even saved the questionnaire, but when I want to send the submit button is disabled, if the PDF sent it by mail to open it on my PC I can see the data but equally the submit button does not work.


      If I open the questionnaire in ADOBE READER X then the information I had written disappears.


      They could tell me that I can do to solve this problem.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          How is the PDF being sent to the Android device, is it posted on a web page or being emailed to the device?  It sounds like something other than Adobe Reader is being used to fill out the PDF, only Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader will work to fill out and submit a FormsCentral PDF form... Basically every time this type of issue comes up it is related to not using Adobe Reader or Acrobat at some point in the workflow on the PDF.