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    How best to uninstall CC when it was installed by enterprise packager

    Joel Cherney Level 5

      SInce I've been working in the same place for more that ten years, my workstation is unique and can't be easily cloned. So I do my installs of InDesign CS, CS2, CS3, and full Creative Suite CS4-CS6 manually. But unfortunately I forgot to install full CS5.5. So, because InDesign (the most important Adobe tool I use) needs to be installed in historical order, I want to pull InDesign CC and InDesign CS6 from my machine.


      Creative Suite 6 has one entry in my Control Panel pane. However, every single CC app gets its own entry. So do I have to pull InDesign CC, uninstall the entire CS6 suite, install the CS5.5 suite, re-install the CS6 suite, make an InDesign-only CC package with the Creative Cloud packager, and install that? Or do I have to uninstall all of the CC apps by hand? Or something else?