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    upgrade CS5 Photoshop for windows to CS6 Mac


      I own the Adobe Creative Suite 5 - Design Premium for windows.  I now have a mac and run it on a virtual machine.  I want to be able to seemlessly move between lightroom 5 and Photoshop.  Before the below questions is this possible because my lighroom always shows it greyed out. 


      So assuming my Mac Lightroom 5 can't read my virtual Photoshop on windows,  I want to upgrade/buy CS6 Photoshop.  I am fine with having illustrator and InDesign in my virtual world.  So questions:


      1.  Can I get Photoshop CS5 for Mac as my second application of the program?

      2. If no, can I upgrade my version of Photoshop 5 to 6 for the cross platform?

      3. If no, can I upgrade my suite to mac from windows?

      4. If yes, can I then upgrade my version?


      I  do not want to have photoshop cc, so please answer about having the downloaded product for CS5 or CS6 only.