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    Not receiving forms - Please help!


      I haven't received any email forms since 12:30CST yesterday. I am the account & form owner.  Disappointed no one replied to my request yesterday, so hoping by changing the subject line this generates a response from the Adobe team.


      Anyone else having this issue?  I've restarted my computer, but didn't work.  Reviewed my account settings as well,  and nothing has changed to my knowledge (unsure how I would check if my paid account was converted to a free account).


      These forms are used to process travel for offsite classes.  Having generated almost 900 of these forms, the system has been working fine up until yesterday.

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          I notice that this was originally posted on the 29th. If this is correct we had an unplanned all day outage on the 28th so that might explain why you didn't recieve any responses for that period. If you test your form and you still are not recieving responses please provide me the link to your form and I'll have a look.