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      Very VERY FRUSTRATED.  Just spent hours and hours putting together a slide show using Premiere Elements 12 - and the final product (after rendering) turned out VERY BLURRY!  I don't understand how this happened.  All the pictures and slides added were crystal clear until rendering.  And watching the final DVD was a total disappointment.  I am not happy that we spent all this money on a program that is not simple to use.  The free program I used to use worked better than this.  Please help me fix this slideshow.

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          Not Computer Savvy


          What computer operating system did you use to run Premiere Elements 12?


          What did you put onto its Timeline

          Photos (how many, what pixel dimensions)

          Videos (what format and duration)



          On what basis did you (manually) or the project automatically set your project preset?

          If you do not know, then tell us the readouts for Edit Menu/Project Settings/General Editing Mode/Timebase/Frame Size/Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if the fields appear to be grayed out).


          What did you create, a DVD-VIDEO standard on DVD disc or DVD-VIDEO standard widescreen on DVD or something else?

          Before you hit the Burn button in the burn dialog, what were the readings for Space Required and Bitrate, and did you have a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"?


          Please supply the requested information, and we will try to get you the best possible product that the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc standard can give you. This is going to be SD 720 x 480 NTSC or 720 x 576 PAL and not HD 1920 x 1080. So, we need to distinguish between limits of the standard and expectations.


          We will be watching for your follow up.





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            Thanks for the response.  I am not good with 'computer' terms etc, and will

            do my best to give you the information you are looking for.  I don't know

            the answer to most of your questions -so I will have to do my research

            before I can answer you back on everything.


            I do know that I put pictures from my digital camera, iphone, and video

            camera onto the timeline.  Videos from a GoPro camera, iphone, digital

            Nikon camera, video camera and Kodak underwater camera on.  Slides

            generated from the program itself.  Music from my computer's library.

            I did not do a 'preset' slideshow, I put them all on manually.


            I havn't counted the pictures/videos yet.  But the entire slideshow is

            approx. 55minutes.  Any video on it is no longer than 2 minutes in

            duration.  There are definitely more still pictures than videos.    I don't

            know about formats and pixels.


            I believe I created a DVD-VIDEO standard widescreen on a DVD.


            I have no idea what the readings for Space Required and Bitrate were and I

            don't think there was a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"?


            Sorry my answers are not all there and for sure - but I honestly had no

            idea it would be this complicating.  I assumed I could just 'make' a

            slideshow like I have done in the past without having to know all this

            other technical computer stuff.




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              Thanks for the reply. I will post information in whatever format you feel that you best understand so that we can get you the Premiere Elements end product that you seek. From what you have written, you want your slideshow in DVD-VIDEO format on a DVD disc. That is the format that will play back on the TV DVD player. Whether that DVD-VIDEO is standard 4:3 or DVD-VIDEO standard widescreen 16:9 will depend on how you set up the Premiere Elements project that produced it.


              This all leads us back to what project settings you used to produce the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc and how you did or did not match up the properties of the source media with the project preset (also known as the project settings). This is not complicated, but it does require details consideration so that you get a decent end product.


              Also, in your end product is it your source videos or photos that are showing as blurry or is it both? Does anything display non blurry?


              You have said that your source video media are coming from

              GoPro camera


              Nikon Digital Camera

              Kodak (underwater)

              Each may be giving you source video in different formats (sizing et al). A Premiere Elements project has only one project preset. So if you are importing different formats into that one Timeline, you need to set priorities. Pick you prime source, set the project preset for that, and then fit all the rest as best you can after you import them.


              Is it possible for you to round up the brand/model/settings for each of the above sources for your video in this project? There are all sorts of pitfalls to avoid so that you are not left with burn to failures, blurry images, black borders, etc. iPhone video may present with a variable frame rate and not let you import it or give you out of sync audio. Photos grossly oversized for the project can cause failures and crashes. The above is my overview of the situation.


              The answers will be in the details. And, there are many that cannot be overlooked especially when you come with "Blurray End Product" as your thread title.


              Please think about the above. Please try to give us the details of the source media going into the project that will produce your DVD. Then we will help you put all that information together (step by step) for a Premiere Elements project to produced the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc.