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    Concurrent Photoshop Cloud and CS5 Installation?

    Larry McD

      I am moving to a new computer. I have a never-installed, never registered Creative Suite 5 Design Premium and a new Photoshop (only) Creative Cloud membership. I have not yet downloaded the Cloud Photoshop software. I want to use the other Adobe programs in CS5 and the new Photoshop Cloud software on this new computer. Will these two software versions install and operate without conflict? That is, can I have Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Cloud programs installed concurrently, together with the other applications in CS5?


      If so, does it matter which I install first?


      Finally, does the Photoshop Cloud license allow me to install that software on both a desktop and a laptop computer I myself own? I am currently using CS4 and that license allows installation on two systems I own. Is this true of the new Cloud license?