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    Dynamic project creation

      Hi everyone,

      I'm a novice Director developer looking for a solution to the following problem. I've inherited a project with multiple (over 100) elements. I want to be able to dynamically create a package for customers. The goal is that we select a customized list of elements for a specific customer. These elements are downloaded along with an introductory menu. For example, customer X will see a menu with options A, B, and C. Customer Y will see a menu with options B, E, F, G, and T.

      Since there are so many elements and some of our customers will be downloading the projector, I don't want them to have to download all elements, most of which they won't use. I need a way to automate the process of selecting the elements, building the customized menu and linking the selected elements.

      Any suggestions? Thanks!

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          f0ld Level 1
          From what I understand, I’m currently working on a similar project. The app I’m working on allows my client to select items from their showreel, then burn the files to disk…. It basically allows them to make custom showreels, tailored to each of their prospective clients.

          The way mine’s working at the moment (which will no doubt change), is that the client selects parts of their showreel through an interface I’ve created. This data is then stored in global variables for use later on. The client also has the option to customise logos/images etc… that will be displayed on their custom showreel. The app allows them to browse their hard drive and locate a logos/images, then discreetly copies the files to the correct locations on the disk to be burnt, along with the other selected elements. I’m using the FireFly Xtra to do the burning.

          The disk that is burnt has some set files: a projector, autorun.inf and a specific folder structure. By keeping a certain folder structure I can use the projector to see what files are contained on the disk, then dynamically list them in a menu. The menu at the moment is just a text box… when the user clicks on the text, it reads the text, then goes off and fetches the corresponding part of the showreel and displays it. Since only the elements the client picked have been copied to disk, only those files will be displayed and playable. The CD won’t list or show any of the other files.

          With logos/images and the likes, the projector uses placeholder images and pulls external files in. These are then dynamically resized with their proportions constrained, so as to fit in with the design. I thought this was safer instead of relying on people to resize the images correctly themselves before burning!!

          Don’t know if this helps in the slightest, but might give some ideas!