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    depth of field effect


      The simple auto focus tool has stopped working. The blur works but the auto focus does not. I use this quite often! The quick focus works , but I do not like that tool as well as the other. Why would it just stop working. No matter where I click & drag the blur does not change ! Help !! Just installed this in January , And have started using it quite alot , I need this tool !

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          From the nature of your question it appears that you have some version of Photoshop Elements (photo editor). Some how your thread got posted in the Premiere Elements Forum (video editing).


          Please repost your question in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum or wait for a moderator here to see your thread and move it from here to there.


          While we are waiting for all that to happen, I would ask if you have attempted to reset the Editor's settings file? If you have Photoshop 11 or 12 Windows, you could try to do this


          Eidt Menu


          and then click on Reset Preferences on next launch


          Shortcuts are available for this as per the following Adobe document