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    DVD burning issue


      I have been having problems getting my project to a DVD. I had to go back to windows 8 after 8.1 totally screwed up Adobe elements 10. When I write the project to dvd, it says it goes but nothing does. I have even tried to burn the DVD folder to the harddrive and it says it goes but nothing is there when I go to it. Not sure what to do now.

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          Caleb Beames


          This is a duplicate of the thread that you started and is progress with discussion



          So, I suspect that when Steve Grisetti sees this new thread, this one that we are in now will be closed by him and you will be instructed to continue in the original thread. Duplicate threads get confusing for those who ask the question and those trying to reply.


          Now that SG has gotten the answers to his questions and knows that you can not burn to folder nor disc, could you respond to my questions that I felt highly relevant to the matter on a par with whether or not you could burn to folder as well as disc. The following is a copy paste of post 4 from the original thread which contain the questions that I felt needed answers...

          Caleb Beames


          How are you checking the disc when you say that there is nothing on it?

          a. Are you trying to play back the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc on a Windows 8 64 bit player? If so, which one?


          b. Are you putting the DVD disc in the DVD burner tray and inspecting its contents for two folders, one named OpenDVD and another named VIDEO_TS?



          Also, are you trying to produce your DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with a Blu-ray DVD burner or just a DVD/CD burner? Also, could you give some insight on what happened with your version 10 that caused you to go back to Windows 8 from Windows 8.1? I had Premiere Elements 10 running well on Windows 8 64 bit and now have it running well on Windows 8.1 64 bit also. Never any problems with 10 on either one.






          In the morning, we will be watching for your follow up in whatever thread that it ends up in.