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    So, is there a Mac OS that actually works with After Effects?

    Ukuleleloki Level 1

      I've been a Creative Cloud member for 7 monhts now.  I appreciate the service for my Photo Shop and Audition needs.  However, I've been unable to acces  After Effects.  It's been a major setback for an important project.  I didn't complain at first because, granted, I WAS running OS 10.6.8, and that's a bit outdate.  Today, I FINALLY took the day to back up files, visit the Apple Store and get myself up and running with Maverick, the latest OS.  Finally, right?  Wrong!  I downloaded and installed After Effects, but when I went to open it, I got the same message.


      "You can't use this version of the application "Adobe After Effects CC" with this version of OS X."


      Really, Adobe?  Can someone please tell me what it takes to run this software?  As far as I understand, you can't really go backwards when it comes to OS installs.  Am I making a mistake here?  Or is the reality that Adobe After Effects will be forever over that next dune.


      Help a brother out.