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    Purchased Photoshop Photography Program, having loads issues with the order process and installation


      So, just last night (April 28) I purchased the Photoshop Photography Program, it seemed like the perfect thing for me as Lightroom and Photoshop are the only programs I need anyhow, so I went ahead a purchased it and that's where the issues started.

      Just after I ordered I got my order confirmation, but when skimming it I noticed this passage -

      We are currently experiencing issues with our order processing system. Your order will be reviewed and processed shortly. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with the status of your order, which may include information on how to download your product or confirm the shipping status.


      And since then I haven't received any other emails, which was a bit odd to me since it's just a download it shouldn't take too long to process, right?

      Well, when I go to my Adobe account, it shows the order as "Order Pending", obviously that's not a complete order. So, I go to the livechat to see if they could help me. Nope. They told me that my subscription is shown as "active" and that my order has processed, except that for me it isn't, which is kind of a huge issue as when I look at the transaction history on my card it shows 3 charges from adobe two $1 charges that I don't understand at all (that no one will/can explain to me) and the monthly fee of $9.99.

      So, where's my programs?

      Well, I go back to customer service and they tell me to just download it, so I do because they're supposed to know what they're doing. It doesn't work. I try it twice more, it doesn't work and I still haven't recieved an email from Adobe.


      Naturally I choose to try and contact them again this time by phone and I go through this process "tell us about your issue" and I do, a case file is made and I'm told to call this number (800-833-6687) for 24-hour service. Which I do. And it's not 24 hours at all. I'm hung up on.


      And now I'm here, trying my damnest to get this to work, so I've downloaded ONCE more, and I'm currently trying to get Lightroom to install. In the meantime, I'm insanely worried and upset by the entire process and just how little help I've gotten with it (in the 4 or 5 times I contacted Adobe not one of my questions was answered, not one, and I was even instructed to let a "specialist" into my computer, which made me, understandably, nervous. I did, Again nothing was solved and the man only spoke to tell me to do something, not to answer my questions about what's up or what he's trying to do.)


      Please, anyone, I'd appreciate help on this. It's been nothing but distressing since the order was "processed".



      EDIT** Also, i forgot to mention that when I install the Creative Cloud Photoshop CS6 is already on there, but the applications won't download to my computer or appear in my applications folder as they should be, which is kind of weird as I have no other way to open them.


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          Arnaud Mélon Adobe Employee

          Hello Jaxxxikk,


          I am sincerely sorry for the trouble you've been through.


          I have checked your account and I can confirm you the order for the Photoshop Photography Program has been completed.

          Therefore you can have access, download and activate the product.


          $1 charge is a test to ensure the authorization of credit card. This amount is returned to customer's account.


          Regarding the installation issue, could you please give us more details and clarfiy the issue?

          What is your operating system?

          Can you please add screenshots to show us what is going on when you try to install the program?


          Thank you!