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    Creative Cloud price questions

    Henk K.


      I used Adobe CS6 for the past two years now for education purposes and I am very happy with it. I am now about to turn 20 and I finally got a job in the creative industry. My company is using the Creative Cloud for almost everything so I am a little behind the standarts and decided that I have to upgrade to a cloud membership in order to keep up since I do work alot from my home office. I am just starting out and $85 monthly is just too expensive for me. I can't use the upgrade fee because I just owned the education version of CS6 before... Am I allowed to work with my companys' team license on my own projects or do I have to rip $85 of my monthly budget and start eating less or something like that. Will there be a way to "pause" the subscription for a month or so? I will be out of town alot and I don't want to spend that much money when I don't use it in a certain time period.

      Thanks in advanced and greeting from Germany

      Henk K.

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          Adobe isses wurscht, auf welchen Rechnern CCfT Lizenzen laufen. Dafür ist ja der Teammanger da und der muss wissen, wo seine Lizenzen bleiben und ob er noch eine für dich übrig hat. Der Rest spielt dann auch keine Rolle, allerdings kann man eben nicht beliebig mal Monate pausieren, wenn man z.B. ein Jahresabo hat. das geht wirklich nur, wenn man strikt von Monat zu Monat bezahlt und auf die Sonderangebote verzichtet - eben die denkbar teuerste Variante...