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    ADE crashing when returning Overdrive books

    eBook Librarian

      One of our Overdrive users in having a problem with ADE crashing everytime she returns an Overdrive book. Despite it crashing the book is returned from her Overdrive account, but remains on ADE until you select "Remove from Library". She has a Windows 8 desktop PC and had installed ADE 3. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling etc which made no difference. I tried installing ADE 2 instead and still did the same thing! Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

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          We are having a similar problem with 2.0 and 3.0. Our patron uses W8 and she cannot return titles or remove expired ones. But when we try it on our XP computers ADE crashes every single time and still does not remove expired titles. I hope Adobe can do something about this.

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            Nil Einne

            Yes I know this post is very old but there are lot of these posts about ADE crashing on returning books and I haven't seen any mention my solution.


            I had the same thing with ADE 2.0 on Windows 10. Trying to return books would make ADE crash. This was with a local ID, don't know if that made any difference. The book I tried to return, would be returned successfully although would still be in my ADE library. If I checked my library account online it was gone or if I tried to read the book it would say can't find authorisation (or something0, maybe it was returned. If I tried to return it, you get a licence server communication error E_BAD_LOAN_ID I presume because the software says it wants to return the book with this loan ID, and the server says um that doesn't exist (because it's already been returned). I could manually remove the book after but still trying to return several books looked like it was going to be very frustrating. And I didn't want to keep books I no longer needed.


            Anyway I tried running Adobe Digital Edition 2 in admin mode. It crashed after loading! But then when I restarted not in admin mode, I was able to return books without crashing. (The inability to return multiple selected books is still daft, but whatever.)


            I'm not sure if this will work for everyone. In fact I didn't even try to replicate it, so I can't be sure there wasn't something else that happened rather than running in admin that fixed it. But it's worth trying if you trust ADE enough to run it in admin mode. I suspect there's something that ADE needs to do that it needs admin for but it isn't properly coded so doesn't gracefully fail or request admin. (The reason I tried this is I've had some weird problems with Office products before, and running them in admin did fix it. Actually I tried it because a Microsoft MVP or something suggested it.)


            Hope this helps someone. Note that I intentionally didn't try a more recent version of ADE since I've heard some things about them which makes me sceptical.