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    Complex data to web service

    Flex Minion
      I have read many posts and alot of documentation and would just like to confirm that it is NOT possible to pass what you could consider "complex" data to a web service. Data that is in an array, ArrayCollection, or even a actionscript class, that I need to pass to a .net web service (c# or vb.net) does not come out on the other side. I have tried making the .net web service parameter an object, array, arraylist, byte array, xml node, etc -- nothing happens.

      Am I wrong? If so, could anyone provide some code (on both the Flex 2.0 and .net web service side) that shows how to take the complex data sent from Flex to the web service and actually properly read the data in the web service. The intent would obviously to update a SQL Server database.

      Currently, my Flex web service calls have many many parameter tags under the <mx:request> tag - each one corresponding to the input parameter of the .net web service. My intent is to simplify the input parameters on both sides.

      Again, am I waiting for Flex 3.0 or am I just a little slow?
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          batmitra Level 1
          I develop applications on .Net framework 1.1and flex, and i'm using only webservices or HttpServices to change data between the 2 , so it is possible. Now how do you do that?

          if you are using framework 1.1 , you need to send to flex an array of classes and in flex get the result into an array collection, i don't have the time now, but i can put a sample code here later.
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            Flex Minion Level 1
            Thank you for your reply. However, I have no problem getting data into Flex from .net (web service). It is getting data from Flex back into .net (web service) that I have an issue with. I can pass simple strings, numbers, bool, etc but it is when I try to pass ArrayCollections, actionscript classes , etc from Flex to .net that I can not seem to get it to work. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.