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    Large Document

    tljones77 Level 1

      When creating a large document in photoshop cc, it seems to take an extremely long time for the slightest movement. Is this because the size of the document.? Is it better to create something smaller and then resize it to the right dimensions? And if done this way will the final product be scaled right?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Lots of unfounded speculation but no technical facts. Why would anyone work at smaller resolutions and upsize just to bypass limitations in the computer at the cost of quality? Makes no sense. whatever issues you have are totally unrelated to that, anyway, but since you haven't provided any technical info, beginning with yopur operating system, nobody can know. the common guess would be that you have an issue with hardware acceleration not working properly, so update your graphics driver or turn it off under Preferences --> Performance.