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    Link taking to the wrong form


      I have 5 different forms on AdobeFormsCentral. When I sent the link for one of the forms, it took the recepient to another form. I checked the link I sent as well as the link assigned for the correct form and confirmed that I have sent the correct link and the recepient should have been taken to the correct form. Why could this have happened? Do I need to do anything to prevent this in the future. Thanks in advance for all responses.

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator



          Let's test your forms first before I ask you to provide additional information.

          For each one of the form, please:

          1. Open the form, go to Test tab and select Test Web form button.

          2. Now go to Distribute tab, select Copy Link button.  Open another browser and paste the link onto the browser url-address and navigate to the form.

          3. Do you see the same form in step1 and step2?


          When you are pasting the form URL to distribute it, please make sure that the pasted URL matches what you see in Distribute tab / Web form URL.


          Please let me know your results