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    Unable to save pdf form

    futes Level 1

      I have a user that is no longer able to re-save/overwrite pdf forms.



      1. He is using Reader XI.
      2. The files are located on our server in a shared folder.
      3. He is able to save his changes to any other programs files in the folder just fine.
      4. Others can save their changes/signatures to the same pdf forms just fine.
      5. When he first created his signature he was able to save his changes for a couple of weeks.
      6. The issue is only on his PC - when he logs in on another PC, he is able to save.
      7. The message he gets states that it may be a read only file or that it is being used by someone else - but it is not, and he only gets that when it is opened from his PC.
      8. I tried removing the signature within Reader.
      9. I tried uninstalling all of his Adobe programs (i.e. Flash, Reader, Air, Shockwave).


      Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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          futes Level 1

          Issue has been resolved.  I just had to turn off the preview pane in windows folder.

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              We have a livecycle form that allows people to save an image with an image field and other data in some text fields.

            The users having problems are using Acrobat Pro XI. They seem to be able to open the form, fill in some data and save the data just fine except for this image.

            The image does not display when the user re-opens the form. However, if another user opens that saved form then that user can see the image OK.


            Any ideas what might be happening?


            Thank you.