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    Edge Animate compositions not working in Firefox


      I'm having trouble getting my Edge animate compostion to work in Firefox on a mac. A warning message pops up about an unresponsive script. No warning message in Firefox on a PC but in Safari it hangs a bit and usually crashes on the iPad.


      I've tried the .htaccess include and file type declarations suggested in similar posts but neither has any effect. There is something in one of the javascript files that is causing problems. I've tried to de-bug in Firebug but It's difficult as I'm not really sure what I'm looking for.


      I'm not adding any custom script or manually changing the javascript files. I'm using the code snippets supplied in the program for mouse over, mouse out and on click. I can supply links.


      I have other javascript files working perfectly fine on the same server.


      I really wanted to move to Edge but I will have to revert to animated GIFS if I can't resolve this!


      Does anyone have any suggestions??