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    InDesign CC: Padded dashed outline around grouped objects?

    theboyk Level 1

      I just migrated a number of InDesign CS 5.5 documents to InDesign CC and I'm noticing that all of my grouped objects have a padded, dashed line around them. This isn't an assigned stroke/printable outline, but rather an on-sceen guide/indicator of some sorts. The thing is, I have no idea how to turn it off/disable it (and it makes working with precise object placements a little messy). The only way I can get rid of them, on screen, is to go into Preview or Bleed display mode (thus all guides, frame edges and other related "indicator" objects are hidden). Selecting "Hide Frame Edges" does not hide these outlines.


      Does anyone know how to turn these off?


      I've included a screenshot showing an example of the dashed lines I'm referring to. The screenshot shows a closeup of three objects (all built in the same way). The two in the upper/middle portion of the screenshot are grouped objects (text box + grey graphic box, grouped together). The lower object is the exact same, except it's been ungrouped. As soon as I ungroup the objects, the padded, dashed outline is gone.


      Any advice would be appreciated.