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    Extending a scene without slowing it down


      I 'll admit I'm new to After Effects, but learning quickly.


      How do I extend an end-credit scene (I bought from VideoHive) in Premiere Pro while not slowing down the duration of the elements/effects.

      There is a three-second point in the time line where all the transitioning-in elements are stll, before the transition-out begins.

      I need to make that 3 seconds more like 10-12 seconds, so people have time to read the screen.


      I've extended the scene in the composition properties, but it just adds the time to the end of the sequence. I guess I just don't know how to edit the motion portions of this scene. I'm used to anchor points in Premier, but none of the timeline elements in this project have them in AE.


      My other problem is the scene in AE is "animated", (the background and elements have a wiggle to them) and if I add another element to the scene, it just floats on top.

      Here's a link to the Videohive dot net file.


      videohive [dot] net/item/country-music/6850789



      It sucks sometimes, to be a newbie,

      A little help would be appreciated a LOT.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without seeing your comp window with the changed or animated properties of your problematic layers revealed I can't give you specific instructions. The first thing to to would be to find all of the keyframes, and keyframes in any pre-comps, and then adjust the keyframes and the out points of the layers. It's just like editing any other kind of video, if you want to change the length of a segment you need to change the in and out points.


          As for the problem of locking new elements to the moving background the original elements were either pre-composed with the background or tied to background animation by parenting or expressions. Again, without seeing your timeline with all properties revealed I have no clue how this was done and since there are about a hundred ways I can think of that will duplicate their sample video I can't give you specifics without more info.


          To reveal all the properties in your timeline so we can see what's going on make sure the parenting column is visible, select all layers and press the u key twice. Then take a screenshot and post the full resolution screenshot on this forum. If you cant "insert image" the first time you try, close the pop-up and try again because sometimes the java running the feature doesn't work the first time.

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            ScottieG Level 1

            Rick, thank you. I am completing a render proof, and then will re-open AE and do as you asked. I appreciate your help.

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              ScottieG Level 1

              Rick, here is a link to the render proof I just made.




              If links are not permitted:  youtu [dot] be/GrSgznKroeU