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    Help rolling out Flash Player w/ Auto Update

    net1994 Level 1

      We need to upgrade all 2500 of our PC’s to the latest version of Flash.  We are using Win 7 and IE 9. There is a mix of Flash 12.x and a few already have 13.x   I have read the Adobe admin guide that goes over some of this, but I have some questions as the doc is incomplete.

      1. We need to have the software auto update to latest version without any user interaction or prompting the user. The last time we did a rollout with the auto update enabled, it prompted everyone.  And none of our users have admin rights, so will it install the latest?
      2. Part of the above, has anyone experienced these pop-ups on users screens letting them know there is an update?  Someone mentioned this is a problem Adobe is aware of and hasn’t fixed.
      3. Everyone has the flash player (for IE) and the plugin. When we install the 13.x plugin version, will it uninstall the old versions of flash?