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    Forbidden protocol in URL


      While trying to use loader (with crossdomain files in place, with -use-network=true ) with a custom value loaded from a style sheet to reference what a Loader() should be loading I get the following error:

      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      SecurityError: Error #2147: Forbidden protocol in URL " http://localhost/2up/bin/assets/button_gfx/prev_blue.png".
      at flash.display::Loader/flash.display:Loader::_load()
      at flash.display::Loader/load()

      Loader has been instructed to check the crossdomain files, etc. I've attempted to look this particular error up, but nothing can seem to help. This method works if I use a hardcoded style sheet, but not if I pass it in using the setStyle() way.

      Any thoughts?