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    Reinstall not possible.


      I have a Macbook pro. I'm a creative cloud member and installed some of the applications on both my desktop and on this macbook pro. At some point I saw they where visible when my partner used the macbook with her account - so I tried to delete them as she doesn't use graphic applications. Next time I was gonna use the Macbook Pro I saw they were gone on my account too. Easy peasy, I thought. Reinstalling from the creative cloud shouldn't be any hassle. Now that showed off being completely wrong. I have had nothing but trouble doing exactly that. I simply can't reinstall any Adobe producte previously installed on the Macbook Pro. Creative Cloud Desktop claims in the status, they are installed already - but they are not. I have desparately tried to install iIllustrator n another language - but this only causes a crash before the application fully starts up. I have some time ago tried to call support but was somewhat guided by a foreign voice hard to understand as the connection and phone quality was very bad. My problem was not at all solved and I gave up. Any good suggestions are so very welcome...