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    Old Installers....

      I bought Director version 8.5 Shockwave Studio (came with Director 8.5, SoundForge XP and Fireworks 4) a number of years ago, not the boxed version, but the net installation version. The problem being that the installation for the software was lost in a server crash, and I'm about to change machines.... meaning I have to reinstall Director 8.5 on my new beast.

      I'm having great difficulty in locating an 8.5 installation of any kind, not just the studio version. I found a trial version, but it doesn't give me the option to input my serial number.... just 'try' and 'exit'. The trial itself has the 'registration' option blanked out in the 'help' menu.

      I've tried logging into my account and viewing 'registered products', but there's nothing there to say I ever downlaoded the software in the first place :-S I guess with us buying it 5 or so years ago it's a bit out of date....

      Does anyone know where I can obtain the installation file for Director 8.5 (for Windows)?